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Hello, I am Letricia Townsend.  I am a wife (1998), Mom, Educator, Leader, cooker, baker, candle stick maker.  Can you relate? 

 For many years, I thought it was my mission in life to carry it all by myself and at one time. Can you relate.?

So, I know what it is too busy and busier.  Everyone in my circle of influence or not was proudly carrying similar things.  As a wife, mother of seven, Homeschooler, Youth Director, Minister, Entrepreneur (home daycare, accounting and beauty consultant) I was "spent" every day.  This went on for over 2 decades, until one, I snapped internally.  Can you relate?

Then one day, I woke up different.  

There an uncontrollable shift, had taken place. This shift caused me to begin a quest of questioning every decision, I ever made. It was the questions that let me know, I was stuck.  

Stuck between my past and my present. Except it was not necessarily my past it was the past of all my influencers since childhood.  I realized I did not honestly and authentically give myself the 'permission" to see myself, hear myself and to move toward the things for me. 

 I was not "Free 2 B ME" I stuck being what I thought everyone want me to be.  That was probably more exhausting than the "things" I was doing.

Afte many conversations with my creator, and being led to numerous books, I found that I had access to freedom.  It all began with giving myself permission to shift "unapologetically". 

So, I began my Journey to Freedom.  Along the way to Freedom, I learned my purpose.  

It was to" become Free so that I could Free someone else".  

Today, I want to help you become free, so that you Simply Live in Purpose.  I don't believe you can Live in (be present) Purpose until you experience freedom.  And if you know your purpose, you cannot yield 100% satisfaction, until you are free. 

I want to take you on the Journey to freedom, allowing you find value in You. I will do this by using Q&A sessions. 

 I found that I had most of the answers to my questions.  When I brought value back to my life, my answers became Valid enough to see, hear, and move. 

Let's get you on the Journey to Freedom, it Features You, Restores you, Embraces You, and allows You to Evolve.

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